Some can see with a blindfold on
Some can hear without sound or song
Some can feel though they touch no one
Some can live forever through a son
Empty chair where I rest my feet
Disregard nothing you would keep
All I am is the air I breathe
Mind as strong as body bring me sleep, that’s all I need
No one knows, no one understands
Why I can’t meet compassion’s glance
Empty heart held by empty hands
Never to be held by you again
I can see you in empty chairs
I can hear you in silent prayers
I can feel you in warming tears
Measure not your life in years
Your spirit breathes in me.

When I let, when I let, when I let myself
I remember, remember, remember you
I forget, I forget, I forget myself
I remember, remember, remember you
By my side on the beach
Where the roads couldn’t reach us
In the heat I am almost touching you
I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid to move
In the present, the present becomes a choice
If I let, if I let, if I let you go
Will I walk in the shadow of your voice?
And the last thing you said,
“Use your heart, not your head.”
In the words I am almost touching you
How I learned from those words
Not to live as I’d rehearse
When the questions crowd around
I’ll answer first
I can call you my muse
I can breathe above the blues
There’s a comfort in my soul
I taught you too
Almost touching you
Can you breathe above the blue?
I’m almost touching you.

I take your body as my own
As my shelter, as my thrown
When I forget all this is real
Afraid to live, afraid to feel
But strength can bear the hardest face
And bury doubt in the softest embrace
I’m learning to rise above
All my fears – amazed by love
I know there lies a gentle peace
Though ceaseless cries drown down beneath
I’ll swallow every tear you shed
‘Til oceans roll inside my head
The reason’s spoken in a sigh
When we’re fed up with proving why
How did sky become sky blue?
How did I discover you?
So take my body as your own
As your shelter, as your thrown
You won’t forget all this is real
Amazed to live, amazed to feel.

Nothing but a wall of dust
Strung by the memory of your touch
I recognize the sheen and I breathe the dream
If only this could be enough
Take me, take you, paint every hue
To seal what was coming true
I took my chances chasing you
But this is what we have to do
We bind the shattered, brick by brick
And trace their pattern in the air
We paint it blindly, wish by wish
Yet I still believe we have to dare
Take you, take me, make our memory
Forget what we appeared to be
A wall of dust, unshaken, thus
A monument we have to trust
We bind the shattered, brick by brick
And trace their pattern in the air
We paint it blindly, wish by wish
Yet I still believe we have to dare.

Brown trees
But it isn’t fall
Brittle, hinging, tall spring leaves
Gray sky
But it isn’t dusk
Breathing poison musk am I
Sigh, ask, “why?”
Colors wash down the drain
In a dirty rain gone by
I ask, “why?”
Colors flushed and strained
Old forgotten pain gone by
Black sea
But it isn’t night
No reflected light can be
Burnt grass
But it isn’t fire
Such an empire shall pass
Sigh, ask, “why?”
Colors wash down the drain
In a dirty rain gone by
I ask, “why?”
Colors flushed and strained
Old forgotten pain gone by

Can we be old friends
Since the tide has slipped away
And we only have today until tomorrow?
Can we both pretend
They they never said a word
Act as though we never heard
The call to follow?
For I feel so small
Up against the looming sky
With our rifles pointing high above the taken
And the silent toll
And the wild, pungent wind
Can no longer make me cringe and dread my waking
Can we be old friends
Like the lonely left at bay
Can we hang onto today until tomorrow?
Let us drop our hands
In a paralyzing pause
As we reflect upon the cause of all the sorrow
For I need to know, by the throbbing of your heart
How did we become a part of all the killing?
I will love you, my foe
And protect you as my own
While we two remain alone
Among the willing.

I don’t want your common sense
Scientific evidence
What I feel is real to me
You may offer me your best
Tokens taken for to the test
Another day, they’d be welcome
But I only need your arms to rest
I just want your company
Sane and simple sympathy
I don’t need an answer or an explanation
I just want your company
Eyes and ears and empathy
There’s nothing that I treasure like your quiet patience
When I’m a fragile little girl
And I don’t wanna show the world
You still see the woman in me
I just want your company…(refrain)
A heartbreak left me in despair
The kind a new love can’t repair
Just when I thought that I was fine
The sadness spiraled in my mind
You had the strength to understand
And you were brave to take my hand
You saved me as I am
I just want your company…(refrain)
…There’s nothing that I treasure like your quiet patience
Your warm embraces
So stay here baby

CRASH: “You never let yourself be wild, why try and hide that precious smile? Believe in magic like a child…”

September, open sky and steady ground
Don’t you remember?
Sweet fragrance, married to October wind
That’s when you told me
November, slipping on the pavement
There’s something you’re hiding
Red circles, mulling wine in silence
You were lost by December
Why are you willing to live in a daydream
Than dream of the day you will find?
Are you ready to give up a daydream
Abandon illusions behind
November, slipping on the pavement
There’s something you’re hiding

Don’t turn away from me
What can I say?
I said too much already
Please, trade your forgiveness for my honesty
Love was a promise I couldn’t yet make
Now everyday I relive my mistake
Holding your heart made it break
Don’t turn away from me…(refrain)
Love was a question and you had the key
I had forgotten what I could not see
Where was the faith within me?
Love was a blessing I could not deny
Soon I was swayed as each wave passed me by
I still hid hopes in the sky
Don’t turn away from me…(refrain)
Love was a mirror, too close to regard
I took to dreaming when life was too hard
You were an angel to guard
Love is an honor, one day to regain
Trusting the myth that two hearts are the same
When will this force find a name?

I hope to see you down the road
Pulled over in that old tin car
I know the gypsy in your soul
Finds adventure wherever you are
Wish I could go along
And sing my punch-drunk sailor’s song
My feet up on the dash
Tapping my toes to make you laugh
I hope to see you down the road
Even though I understand your rush
It’s sweet sorrow watching you go
Forgive my tender little crush
Wish I could walk a mile beside your silent, sexy smile
And see how far we’d get before the fade to silouette
They call you a make-believer
But I was a wide receiver
When the real awoke the dreamer
You had to steal away
I hope to see you down the road
Come back when then north wind blows
I hope to see you down the road
Smooth and polished like a stone
I hope to see you down the road
Worn and weathered to the bone
I hope to see you down the road
Still young when the world is old
When the shadows start to close
And you’re lookin’ for a home
I’ll give you my heart to hold

Silence, no need to be afraid
Your eyes, keep them open
Witness the world end
You’ll find there’s hope when you’re
Facing an angel
The joy may be painful
But after the sky falls
The oceans will be blue
Promise, beneath a dying breath
Our scarred earth is healing
A lifetime of footsteps
Where are they leading?
Don’t make me believe you
Just take me to see you
After the sky falls
The oceans will be blue

One lonely falling star
Will you, won’t you?
Don’t you see me like I see you?
Come back to where you are
Will you, won’t you?
I’m still standing beneath you
Did I invent you or merely prevent you
From hiding so bright in the blue?
Sliver of silver moon
Do you, don’t you?
Won’t you follow me home
Light up the road for me
Will you, won’t you?
I can’t find it alone
Did I confuse you by kindly refusing you
I never meant to lose you
One tiny bead of dew
Are you, aren’t you
Won’t you tell me your name?
Show me the eyes I knew
Will you, won’t you?
I can’t say they’re the same
Did I mislead you or blindly misread you
Oh I know I’ll always
I know I’ll always
I know I’ll always need you

Last night when I spoke my mind
And you broke my heart
You were too kind to shatter my hope
I came home with a proud, sad smile
And a cloud came down
So I could sit a while and gather my soul
I can’t let go and I won’t let go
If I don’t let go then the love in your heart will grow
I can’t let go and I won’t let go
But I must let go for my love has nowhere to go
Last week when I caught your eyes
I was still not surprised to feel a chill as your love escaped me
I came home to an empty room
But your warmth filled me with the sense that I wasn’t alone
I can’t let go…(refrain)
Last month when I heard your voice and you turned to me
You were peaceful and knowing and free
I came home and forgot my place
Even words lost sound
As your sweet face was drowning in tears
I can’t let go…(refrain)
I’ll wait until you go
Your smile is all I know
I hear a voice echo
“Move on,” I can’t let go
Door slams and I just stare
Who said the rain would care?
Last year when I found your name
I was bound but changed
Such a shame I could never know you
The more I cried and the more I cried
On the inside echoed a voice singing,
“Gravity, truth”
I can’t let go and I won’t let go
But for now I know of a stillness to undergo
I can’t let go but you’re free to go
It’s not you, I know
Just a symbol of love

I just know
With you I’m whole
I’ll be sure
For both of us
Take my hand
Please don’t say you can’t
I’ll wait here
For you to appear

I WILL BE THE ONE: “This love is yours and mine – a road we share in time…”

IF YOU LEAVE ME: “If you leave me, leave me now, leave me numb…”

JUST AFTER THEY FALL: “It’s too late to catch someone, just after they fall…”

Keep on moving
Past the line where you forget
Where your head is
Past the time you may regret
Keep on going
Til before becomes beyond
Past the ocean
To the shore where you belong
In the shadows, bathed by rain
I will still be there
Broken pebbles, dashed away
In the echoes in the air
When you’re ready, call my name
I will still be there
We grow slowly
And we gather grains of sand
To fill the hours
We pass the glass between our hands
You won’t see me
I won’t hear you on the line
Mild and measured
But we’ll be hiding all the time
In the jagged winds of change
I will still be there
Carried high across the plains
In the echoes in the air
When you’re ready, call my name
I will still there

I took my book to the edge of the sea
Where the voice of a woman called out to me
“Let it be, let it be, let the waves come in threes.”
Wind-scattered pages – I wouldn’t let go
But the voice of the woman echoed below,
“Let it flow, let it flow, you’ll forget what you know.
Grow in giving, live in learning, weep in wishing, yield in yearning
Let the ocean soothe your burning
Trust in me, the tide is turning.”
She didn’t make sense, though her words sounded wise
And I squinted – the sun the sand in the skies
“Let it rise, let it rise, like the tears in your eyes.”
The sand, it slid down what I thought was a wall
But the book in my hand had no bearing at all
“Let it fall, let it fall.”
The cliff cradled her call
“Soar in sailing, fall in flying, hate in failing, love in trying
Let the ocean soothe your sighing
Trust in me, the tide is rising.”

LOSER: “You were taught to be polite and reminded to be kind. Now you’ve got all the words right, but the meaning’s left behind.”

MIDDLE OF THE LANDING: “Eastward I follow the staircase to home. I’ve memorized every flight…”

MIDTOWN: “Turn and face the child you lead, thank the ones you need…”

MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN THE SUN: “You are the one, more beautiful than the sun, nature’s outdone, I’m overcome…”

Never in one place it seems
But you are forever young
Or so you say
Come a day you’re lost and tired
There’s nobody to lead the way
Disappear in wordless dreams
When words of a fallen star speak too much reason
Everything’s a shadeless green
One taste you fade believing
I remember why I never cried
When you ran away, or stole your freedom
Carry on your endless where
I’ll always be your home
One more time in the air
All for now
You’ll lose nothing
What will you win?
You end where I begin
I will say goodbye
Before you high as a rainbow and only and illusion
It’s the last time once again
You’re blinded by the sun
One more time in the air
All for now
You’ll lose nothing
What will you win?
You end where I begin

Seven days and seven nights
Hands of clay and breath of life
In the garden stands the tree
And a woman scorned
Secrets burning in the dark
Fractured stars and scattered light
Spinning out a memory
As a planet’s born
Are we the sum of all we’ve chosen to believe?
Can I be somewhere in between?
I was raised by a man of reason
In the elegance of truth
Who plays with math like music
And yearns for proof
So he combs the ground for a pattern
And he scours the sky
And his kindness grows, the more he knows
Humbled by the climb
His heart belongs to a woman
As selfless as the air
A helper and a holder
With one sweet hour of prayer
She kneels below the window
And speaks to God above
Whose quieting forgiveness
Feels like a mother’s love
They have a boy with a joyful wit
And a puzzled painter’s mind
Who finds inspiration
In nature’s great design
From the time that I was a baby girl
I could wrap myself in song
When I close my eyes, my fingers fly
And the angels sing along
Seven days and seven nights
Oh to be a satellite
Yet I’ve circled round the truth
So today I turn to you

SHADOW OF A DOUBT: “Shadow of a doubt, what’s it all about? I dropped all my cards – can you bail me out?”

SHE REMEMBERS HOPEFUL EYES: “Friendship never dies, even now without his voice, she remembers hopeful eyes, when she meant to make a choice…”

SHE’S GOT IT IN HER SOUL: “One chord woven delicately, your golden voice was soaring through the room, one note silenced conversation, you sang aloud her inner tune…”

SMILE FOR FREE: “His hands are tired but he’s the master of the chocolate egg creams. All that she sees, she does when no one’s asking, won’t take a thing for granted and gives a smile for free…”

SO I CHASED THE SETTING SUN: “There were times I knew I loved you, there were times I thought I’d run, I could taste the end of summer so I chased the setting sun…”

WE WERE CHILDREN: “We were children who lived by the border. We were grownups before we were grown. I put my trust in the arms of a stranger. Did you ever find home?”

WE’RE ALL RIGHT NOW: “At the point of a gun, who have we overcome? All the damage we’ve done, show me what have we won?”

WELCOME, STRANGER: “I see you in a photo frame, a smile to heal the wincing pain, we couldn’t stay but wouldn’t change, and you love me, just the same…”

WHEN IT SHOWS: “I’ve always wanted the world for you, but it wasn’t mine to give…”

WITH LOVE: “You flew in like the sun, splendid rays, reaching recklessly, tangling playfully, I felt my fingers grab on for one fantastic ride.”

WORDS ARE EASY: “Words are easy on the outside. But then they leave me to my own device. Don’t be lonely, don’t divide. Words are only hollow inside, hollow inside…”