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Anna Dagmar Original Songs:
All I Am is the Air I Breathe
Almost Touching
Brick by Brick
Brown Trees
Can We Be Old Friends?
Down the Road
Don’t Turn Away
Down the Road
Facing an Angel
Falling Star
For Bill
I Can’t Let Go
I Just Know
I Will Be the One
If You Leave Me
Just After They Fall
Keep on Moving
Let the Waves Come in Three
Middle of the Landing
More Beautiful Than the Sun
One More Time in the Air
Shadow of a Doubt
She Remembers Hopeful Eyes
She’s Got It in Her Soul
Smile for Free
So I Chased the Setting Sun
Waiting for Snow to Fall
We Were Children
We’re Alright Now
Welcome Stranger
When it Shows
With Love
Words Are Easy

Music by Anna Dagmar, Lyrics by Kevin Wanzor:
Stand Alone Songs
“Hang a Paper Lantern on the Moon”
After feeling abandoned, an aging Blanche connects with well-meaning Mitch.

“Cutest Nudist”
The epic struggle to feel included, special and good-looking hits one innovative person.

“Slap that Bass”
If you are a soprano and another singer cheats on you, sometimes you gotta slap that bass.

“All the Things You’re Not”
A standard for a girl who has high standards

“Girls Like That”
Lottie conspires with Rose to take one small, but expensive trip away from their humdrum lives

“Find You”
In a song written for, a child sings to her newborn sibling.

Lars (developed in the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop)
“Busy Day”
Lars looks back on his day.

After being stood up by her excuse-ridden brother-in-law, Karin stands up to him in the driveway of her home.

“Good Guy”
Gus is torn between his love for his wife and his fear his brother needs more than family support to get through his mental problems.

“You Know What I was Thinking (Pt. 1 & Pt. 2)”
Margo sees a special thing in her co-worker, Lars. She tries to make her move.

“Just One of the Girls”
The town starts to embrace Bianca, a sex doll whom a neighbor believes to be real.

Lars, alone at last with Bianca, tries to express his feelings to her.

“Play Along With It”
Dagmar, the local physician, encourages Gus and Karin to play along with their brother’s delusion.

He’s Got the Pole World in His Hands (4@15 UC Irvine Commission)
“You Didn’t Hear It From Me”
Three choir members gossip about the pastor’s new wife.

“When I Danced”
Bunny, the pastors wife, reminisces about her life.

“The Higher the Heel”
Three former strippers turned Christian reveal their philosophy.

“Good Christian Girls”
An ultra conservative mother gives her young daughter advice.

“Let the Spirit Make You Move”
The local pastor heals wounds by sermonizing the importance of movement and dance.

Wonder Wheel
The Gifts I Never Gave To You”
After years away, a woman returns to her home town and makes a confession to her best girlfriend from the past.

Recently Deflowered Girl
Sex, I Think”
Three young ladies hear a word they have never heard before.

Frankie considers his feelings for the girl next door.