Anna Dagmar has taught music at Nightingale-Bamford School, Mamaroneck High School, Poly Prep, Midori Foundation and others.

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Anna Dagmar offers lessons in PIANO, COMPOSITION, SONGWRITING, JAZZ and VOCAL COACHING. For inquiries please use the contact form.

anna dagmar5655hi resSince 2001, Anna has taught private piano lessons to students of all ages and levels in New York City. Her teaching philosophy is to design individualized practice plans for students to develop as well-rounded, versatile and motivated musicians.

Anna helps students look beyond the notes on the page to imagine the composer’s point of view. She encourages them to discover patterns and sharpen their knowledge of music theory, connecting what they see directly to what they hear.

Also a well-versed jazz improviser, Anna believes in drawing associations to all styles of music to help reinforce concepts. She finds students are often most motivated to learn the music they know and love, and she uses that as a bouncing-off point to broaden their musical tastes. She also teaches methods for creating accompaniments, writing songs, reading chord symbols and ear training.

Her younger students enjoy Anna’s many creative musicianship games, which focus on rhythm, notation, and aural skills. These hands-on games are currently being developed in collaboration with an industrial designer to incorporate sound playback and S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics).

Her approach to physical technique at the instrument is always centered around relaxation and efficiency and releasing any unhealthy habits. At the piano, Anna guides students to feel gravity and the natural weight of their arms (rather than pushing) and to support each note with a firm, rounded knuckles and a flexible wrist.

All of these guiding principles contribute to a nurturing and positive atmosphere for a lifelong enjoyment of music. Anna sets performance and learning goals together with her students and emphasizes the importance of daily practice.

Anna Dagmar Johnson has a BM in Jazz Piano Performance and Music Education from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. She is an Advanced Composer in the BMI Musical Theatre Writing Workshop.

Classical Piano with Princeton Piano Department chair Elizabeth DiFelice. Jazz Piano with Wayne Reiss, Bevan Manson and Harold Danko.
Voice and Pedagogy with Theo Bleckmann and Tina Shafer.

Anna is a National Piano Guild Adjudicator.

Student & Parent Testimonials:
“My children truly have fun taking piano lessons with Anna. Her music theory games are genius and their progress over the past few years has been phenomenal.”

“Anna, For both new students and returning, older students Anna’s excellent skills, knowledge of music and theory as well as enthusiastic, inspiring teaching methods make learning fun and practicing enjoyable. Anna demystifies the notes and music for each student by breaking it into logical pieces so the student can easily learn. The sense of accomplishment from learning a piece motivates one on to the next one. An added benefit is hearing her play and sing!”

“For years our daughter took music lessons but rarely enjoyed them. Since
starting with Anna, however, she looks forward to her piano lesson each
week with enthusiasm and is advancing faster than ever.”

“Anna’s teaching style is unique and inspiring. She uses very creative methods to teach children of all ages music and rhythm thru play and writing. My 8 year old daughter has loved learning with Anna because she makes it so much fun. She is a very dedicated and knowledgeable teacher.”